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- 120V/1Ph 6 Ft. commercial kitchen hood with right hand electrical (facing front of hood).

- 120V/1Ph exhaust fan and curb.

- 120V/1Ph direct fired make-up air unit, natural gas, with curb.

- 120V/1Ph Electrical control system.


Hood Features
- FloAire 5424FX-2-PSP-F - 8ft 0" Long Exhaust-Only Wall Canopy Hood with 16" Wide Front Perforated Supply Plenum with Built-in 3" Back Standoff.
- 430 SS Where Exposed. 
- Utility Cabinet on the Right Side 12.00" Width x 54.00" Length x 24.00" Height. 
- FILTER - 16" tall x 16" (15.625" by 15.625") wide Stainless Steel Captrate Solo filter with hook, ETL Listed. Particulate capture efficiency: 85% efficient at 9 microns, 76% efficient at 5 microns. Used on hoods shipped AFTER 7/27/17.
- L55 Series E26 Canopy Light Fixture - High Temp Assembly, Includes Clear Thermal and Shock Resistant Globe (L55 Fixture), Bulbs By Others. 
- EXHAUST RISER - Factory installed 10" X 17" X 4". 
- SUPPLY RISER - 12"x 28" Supply Riser with Volume Dampers. 
- 1/2 Pint Grease Cup New Style, Flanged Slotted. 
- RIGHT VERTICAL END PANEL 27" Top Width, 21" Bottom Width, 80" High Insulated 430 SS. 
- Face Mount 1st Switch. 
- LEFT VERTICAL END PANEL 27" Top Width, 21" Bottom Width, 80" High Insulated 430 SS. 
- Face Mount Extra Switch(es). 
- Parts required to mount prewire sensor in capture volume of hood. Sensor installed directly in line with center of riser and in center of capture volume front to back. Sensor supplied from ECP tied to hood.
- Electrical Package Installation in Utility Cabinet by FloAire.


Rooftop Exhaust Fan Features

- Floaire DU85H High Speed Direct Drive Centrifugal Upblast Exhaust Fan with speed control (speed control included for single phase only), disconnect switch and 15-3/4" wheel.
- Exhaust Fan handles 1872 CFM @ -1.100" wc ESP, Fan runs at 1429 RPM.
- Exhaust Motor: 0.750 HP, 1 Phs, 115 V, 60 Hz, 8.9 FLA, TEAO-ECM (Totally Enclosed Air Over Electronically Commutated Motor).
- Grease Cup for kitchen-duty centrifugal exhaust fans, Box Dimensions 17-1/8 L X 5-1/16 W X 3-3/4 H (20 Gauge) (Includes Down Spout). 
- HINGE KIT - Standard Hinge kit for exhaust fan roof curbs. Includes Hardware to attach hinge to curb and hinge to base. Ships Loose. Used on Fans with wheels 20 inches or smaller. 12 GA Galvanized.
- ECM Wiring Package MODBUS Control for Exhaust EC motors. MSC Controller. 
- CAT-5E CABLE - 100 Foot. UV Rated. 
- Flat roof Curb CRB23X20E.
- Vented Base for Curb.


Rooftop Make Up Air Heater Features

- Floaire F1-D.500-15D Direct Gas Fired Heated Make Up Air Unit with 15" Mixed Flow Direct Drive Fan.
- Supply Fan handles 1498 CFM @ 0.300" wc ESP, Fan runs at 1575 RPM.
- Heater supplies 108969 BTUs. 70°F Temperature Rise.

- Fuel: Natural Gas.
- Supply Motor: 1.000 HP, 1 Phs, 115 V, 60 Hz, 11.6 FLA, TEAO-ECM (Totally Enclosed Air Over Electronically Commutated Motor).
- Down Discharge - Air Flow Right -> Left. 
- Sloped Filtered Intake for Size #1 Modular Heater. 21.813" Wide x 44.375" Long x 23.375" High.
- Includes 2" MV EZ Kleen Metal Mesh Filters.
- 0-150°F Discharge Temp Control.

- Field Wired On/Off Start Command

- Heating Activation Based On Intake Set Point. Use with MUA.
- Gas Manifold for DF1 GM - BTU 0 - 550001 - 7 in. w.c. - 14 in. w.c., No Insurance Requirement (ANSI), BV250-66.
- Down Discharge Construction for Size 1 Direct Drive AHUs. 
- Gas Pressure Gauge, 0-35", 2.5" Diameter, 1/4" Thread Size. 
- Gas Pressure Gauge, -5 to +15 Inches Wc., 2.5" Diameter, 1/4" Thread Size. 
- Low Fire Start. Allows the burner circuit to energize when the modulation control is in a low fire position.
- Ship Loose Gas Strainer. To be installed upstream of unit connection. 3/4" Connection. 
- Motorized Back Draft Damper 16" X 18" for Size 1 Standard & Modular Heater Units w/Extended Shaft, Standard Galvanized Construction, 3/4" Rear Flange, Low Leakage, TFB120S Actuator Included. 
- Freezestat With 10' Sensor. Factory set at 35°F and 10 minutes.
- ECM Wiring Package for supply motors with PWM signal from ECPM03 prewire.
- Multi-Conductor - Single Shielded Twisted Pair Cable, 18 AWG stranded (19x30) TC conductors, plenum, FEP insulation, overall shield (100% coverage), 20 AWG stranded TC drain wire, FEP jacket. Priced per foot. For use with CORE Interlock Network, light dimming 0-10VDC reference signal, and PWM signal from ECPM03 to ECM.
- Flat roof curb CRB21X71X20INS, insulated.
- Full Bottom Curb Corner. Base flange corners fully welded or staked by factory.


Electrical Controls Features

- FloAire SC-111110MA 120V 1 Phase w/ control for 1 Exhaust Fan, 1 Supply Fan, Exhaust on in Fire, Lights out in Fire, Relay On/Off with Supply Fan, Fan(s) On/Off Thermostatically Controlled.

- Room temperature sensor shipped loose for field installation. Includes 1 Duct Thermostat kit.
- Digital Prewire Lighting Relay Kit. Includes hood lighting relay & terminal blocks. Allows for up to 1400W of lighting each.
- Thermistor CABLE - 18/2 AWG GREEN WHITE, plenum rated. USED for thermistor duct stat.
- CAT-5E CABLE - 100 Foot. UV Rated.

FloAire 8Ft Heated Kitchen Hood Package with Right Hand Electrical Control

SKU: FloAire-8Ft-Heated-UC-Right
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